Romanian Language and Cultural Center, ADU, Baku, AZ in cooperation with Anca Jitariu STUDIO, Cluj-Napoca, RO and Azerbaijan-Romania Friendship Association, AZ, organized an international exhibition to immersive into art inspired by the Romanian National Poet’s work on April 20th, 2022, in order to celebrate World Art Day and International Book Day.

The particularity of this exhibition is the fact that the art work is done by teenager art students from Jitariu Studio that depicts 19th century classic Romanian literature with the eyes of nowadays perception. The Studio is a space dedicated to art lovers, from painting and drawing courses, art projects and competitions, to art exhibitions organized to promote local culture and more.

During the workshops organized during the project initiated by the Romanian Language and Cultural Center, „Visual artistic perceptions in Mihai Eminescu’s poems”, the coordinator proposed to the students a selection of Mihai Eminescu’s poems translated artistically into Azerbaijani by Salim Babullaoglu based on a liniary translation by Jale Ismayil. This project is a literary collaboration through visual forms in order to internationalize and promote artistic values. Mihai Eminescu was the most important Romanian poet of the 19th century. He wrote poetry, short stories, short stories, sketches for historical dramas, novel projects and a lot of political journalism.

The artist Anca Jitariu Gliga together with the students that she coordinated, Vanessa Guguianu, Sára Miklos, Petra Bazso, Krisztina Moldovan, Sara Frandes, Maria Pavelescu, Maya Coroi, Lea Viski, Mara Anghel, Darius Bercheșan, Adina Matei, Imola Moldvai, Alexia Sturz, Sonia Teodorescu, Ștefania Marchiș, Ștefania Botă, Iunia Cozma, Alexia Bătinaș, Ștefan Prișcă, Mădălina Mărincuș, Adina Roșca, Krisztina Moldovan, Andreea Nica, Cezara Roșca, Alexia Slăbăi, Miruna Chereji, Timeea Bajko, Alexia Crișan, Biriș Camelia, chose different poems from Mihai Eminescu’s work to represent it visually. After choosing the poetry, an analysis of the lyrics followed, then a sketch that described, through their vision, the representative image of the poetry in question. Following the studies, the students’ compositions presented authentic ideas, with different choices of the work support and the chromatic palette. Under the close supervision of the work stages, each composition was revised together with the plastic artist Anca Jitariu Gliga.

The exhibition was held in the Foayer of the main building of Azerbaijan University of Languages and introduced ADU students into literary imaginary of the Romanian poet. Students from the Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies, studying Romanian language, recited poems in Azerbaijani and Romanian while the large audience looked on the exhibited paintings.


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